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We provide complex services for CINEBOOK, publisher of graphic novels: lettering, layout design, very complex retouches, font adjustments, web banners, leaflets and poster designs. Unfortunately the materials are strictly copyrighted so we cannot display any example of the work. Please visit website of the CINEBOOK and have a look at the results
of our work.

Creating vector graphics and illustrations is a great fun and we are happy to provide this service to our customers. Landscapes, various characters, architecture, everyday’s staff, whatever you need.

Design Amorandi is used by many small companies, organisations or individuals when the need of presenting a company, product or services arises. Leaflets, posters, business cards, banners, visual data presentations, annual reports, event programmes, we do that all with passion and professional experience.

Design Amorandi cooperates with publishers all over the world on designing the book covers and inside pages layout and lettering.It as well happens that we get opportunity to make illustrations not just for the cover, but inside the book too. Results were appreciated by readers in USA, China, UK, Slovakia.

We enjoy very much the most interesting task in the graphic design – design and redesign of magazines. It so happened many times that we provided illustrations for editorial columns and  articles too.

Design Amorandi can share with you experience on logo design. We know what works and what does not. It is your choice to exploit the resources we offer. In the end, it will become your stamp in the market. You should be easily noticed and remembered. We know the secret.

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